One of the top benefits of pre-fabricated metal buildings is that they offer you the ability to “reach for the sun” – meaning that you can add height without dramatically increasing the cost of the support material for that extra space.

Few people ever complain about extra space, but it does mean you’ll have to consider things like additional illumination. It’s why many people who choose to put up Miracle Truss® DIY building kits add skylights. It combines practicality with design.


If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it simply means the use of windows and skylights to bring natural light into a structure. It reduces the need for artificial lights, which reduces your energy bill. Solar energy can also be used to help control a building’s temperature.

Simple daylighting solutions usually involve skylights and translucent panels – but technology allows us to install smart systems that work in combination with lighting systems to maintain illumination. You may have noticed something like this if you belong to one of the large membership stores. If you look up, you’ll see skylights, translucent panels, and lighting systems. They all work together to keep the building illuminated at a pre-set level. If it’s a rainy day or a cloud blocks the sun, the lights will activate. It’s often done so quickly and subtly that you might not even notice unless you happen to be looking up at the time.

Advances in optics and technology has resulted in pre-engineered skylights that redirect and refract sunlight to make it up to four times brighter. Once directed inside, filters diffuse this light – as well as work to remove glare and ultraviolet rays.

Skylight Placement

Skylights and the concept of daylighting are things you’ll have to think about at the earliest stages of planning. They can be one of the determining factors of the orientation of the building itself. If you want to get the maximum benefits of skylights, you’ll need to make sure they’re placed in the best location to get optimal light.

Southern exposure generally offers the best option for your skylights. This allows for a maximum amount of sunlight, as well as an ample source of passive solar heat during the winter months – which can help you keep heating costs contained.

Skylights can be installed after your Miracle Truss® building has been put up, but most property owners find it’s easier to install them initially. We offer a growing variety of options to customize your Miracle Truss® building – including skylights and upper panel lights.

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