People who keep horses can speak to this. Horses are big, beautiful animals. A stable isn’t going to have a small footprint. A pre-engineered metal building is a beautiful and cost-effective way to provide your horses with a warm and secure home of their own. You’ll run out of ideas before you run out of ways to use pre-fabricated metal buildings. The quality design is so flexible that you can use a Miracle Truss® building for just about any purpose. And because you save money and time while you gain strength and protection you can pursue hobbies where an extra building sure would come in handy.

Instant Horse Stable

Metal building kits are a popular choice for horse stables—as well as riding facilities. It’s not difficult to see why. Steel and metal buildings are far more economical and durable than traditional methods of construction barns.

And, let’s face it. Owning and caring for a horse is not an inexpensive proposition. Often, your choice is to board your horse someplace else. The DIY option of a metal building means you can relocate that responsibility on to your own property—but often at a fraction of the cost.

Weather out in the country isn’t always so wonderful, but the durable construction of metal buildings is engineered to stand up to extreme weather. Whether it’s a hailstorm or a blizzard, your horse is safe inside. With Miracle Truss®, you’ll even receive a building engineered for your location, along with plans that are appropriately stamped to prove it.

The Advantage Of Steel Buildings

Low cost. High quality. Extremely customizable. Pre-assembled and packaged to make it a true DIY effort. All of these elements are what make Miracle Truss® a leader in providing highly customizable horse stable and riding arena steel building kits across the country.

Our design is free of interior columns. Keep that in mind is you’re looking to expand your stable idea and turn it into an actual indoor riding area.

Standard 24” on center construction means that you can design an interior layout for both horses and people. Put tack rooms and storage closets anywhere you want them. Standard windows and doors can be placed where you like, and large rolling doors are a perfect fit on any side of the building.

The equestrian lifestyle can be expensive. If you’re looking to live it fully, skip the big chunk of money you’ll sink into the cost of a traditional stable. Invest a much smaller amount in a metal building. Don’t worry, you won’t be stuck with a prefabricated eyesore. You’re going to be pleasantly surprised by all of the ways you can customize it.

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