We don’t blame you. After all the time and effort you put into figuring out which hydraulic floor jack to buy, you’ll want to make sure you keep that investment in working order.

Rolling hydraulic floor jacks are perfect for the DIY repair enthusiast because they’re easy to move around your garage. They’re versatile and stable. Here’s how to keep them at their best.


It’s important to have the pump and piston retracted when you store your hydraulic jack. You’ll put less strain on the system, so it stays in the best working condition. Any hydraulic jack’s worst enemy is air. You can avoid this by always storing your jack on its base. Don’t turn the jack over on its side.

Dust Control

Sure, garages are naturally dusty places. Something as heavy-duty as a hydraulic jack that can lift your SUV might seem like a tool that’s impervious to dust. Over time, though, dust acts like sandpaper. Your best solution is to cover the jack to keep dust and moisture away.

What to Watch For

Vehicle repair experts will tell you that you can spot a pro by the condition of his or her tools. Don’t make any excuses. Maintain your maintenance tools! Give your jack a regular inspection, and definitely before you use it.

Roll it away from where it’s been sitting and check the garage floor for hydraulic fluid. Wipe down the casing and inspect it for rust or cracking. Do you see any wear in just a particular area? That’s a hint of an operational problem.

Bleeding the System

The oil in your hydraulic jack must be changed on a regular basis. Make sure to read about this in the operation and maintenance manual. Pay close attention to the part about bleeding out the air after the oil has been changed. It’s a simple and straightforward process, and it’s something you also can do if the movement of your jack stops being smooth.

Nearly all hydraulic jacks work the same way when it comes to bleeding the system. Just twist the pump rod in a counter-clockwise direction. Then pump the jack. Refer to your operations manual, but it’ll be anywhere from 10 to 30 pumps. Then twist the rod all the way back in a clockwise direction. Afterwards pump up the jack as far as it will go. Release to the resting state. There you go. Bleeding complete.

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