New Jeep owner? Congratulations! One of the top reasons you bought it is because you’d like to sample the world away from paved highways. Jeeps were made for off-roading – right off the dealer’s lot. But, you may discover like many Jeep owners, it’s more fun to add a few modifications.

Some of these Jeep mods are for performance, such as suspension lift kits and big wheels. Others are to compensate for what doesn’t come with your vehicle. Here’s a roundup of the top four mods Jeep owners are adding to their vehicles.

1. Bumpers

Wait, doesn’t a Jeep come with these? It sure does, but most owners agree that the plastic factory bumpers aren’t going to help you much when you’re off-roading. Many Jeep owners choose to upgrade. They tend to go with one of three designs:

  • Modular: these are stubby bumpers but have optional components like motorized winches that can come in handy in helping you out of off-road mishaps.
  • Tubular: they’re simple, two-tube designs that run across the front
  • Stubby: these tend to be shorter and only run about the length of the front grill.

2. Floor liners

Jeeps do come with interiors that are geared towards the outdoors. Even so, most Jeep owners opt for floor liners. There are plenty of options to choose from, and most are designed to fit over the factory carpeting to protect it from water, mud, snow, and more. A tip from owners: Don’t skimp. Get liners for the back seats, too.

Off-roading often means driving with the top removed. Many Jeep owner prefer to keep it that way. No roof overhead means you’ve got to give consideration to protecting your seats from the elements. Jeep seats are made of rugged material, but nothing stands up to UV damage from sunlight for very long.

Many Jeep owners prefer to upgrade to protective seat covers made from neoprene. This heavy-duty material protects well, and it gives you the option to find color options that match your Jeep’s interior theme.

4. Additional interior storage

Cargo space is not something Jeeps are known for. Secured cargo space is even more limited – and that can be a frustration because many Jeep owners prefer to keep the tops off their vehicles. Look for upgrade options that extend the storage area in the middle console by the gear shift. These can be secured and rugged additions.

Another option is to go for less secure storage options. This opens up choices to add to the rear cargo area, or even the Jeep’s soundbar.

Our rugged metal and steel DIY garage kits are the perfect home for your Jeep when it’s time to take a break from exploring the world away from paved roads. Check out this gallery. The photos are from our customers.

We’d also like to introduce you to a special Jeep owner. His name is Ian Johnson, and we’ll be helping him put together his dream garage.

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