Oh, to have Jay Leno’s problems. The Legendary entertainer and former Tonight Show host has a collection of over 150 cars, and almost as many motorcycles. How do you build a garage big enough to hold that many vehicles?

Jay’s solution is to keep them in a series of aircraft hangars at the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California. He affectionately calls it his “Big Dog Garage.”

You can do things like that when you’ve made enough money to fill a couple of aircraft hangars. The rest of us have to look for more modestly priced solutions, and there’s no need to look too hard.

Maybe One Isn’t Enough

Steel garage kits are the perfect solution for your own collection of vehicles. What makes them stand out as a better choice than traditional garage construction is that they are less expensive to put up and can be done by the DIYer. So if you just happen to collect a few more than you planned, you can easily put up another right next to the first one.

That’s just a suggestion. It might not really be necessary. Our truss construction means you end up with wide and roomy spans. One of our larger metal garage kits could be more than enough to hold your collection – with ample room for a few more. Because you never know when another one of those 4-wheeled beauties is going to follow you home.

Tasteful Yet Practical

You collect cars because of their beauty, so it doesn’t make sense to lock them up in something that’s, shall we say, not so pleasing to the eye. We get that, which is why we pay so much attention to the exterior finishes of our garage building kits.

It starts with color selection. We didn’t follow the Henry Ford Model-T approach. You get to pick from a pleasing variety of at least 19 base colors. Each is available for roofing, siding, and trim options.

We also don’t believe that a garage has to be just a boring and utilitarian box of a building.

  • Add overhangs big enough to park under (or smaller for aesthetics)
  • Go for mezzanine supports and a second floor option for even more storage.
  • Add skylights and upper wall panel lights
  • Garages look pretty awesome with cupolas or even a weather vane

There are even more options for customizing – most of which can be done on-site and of course to your personal taste due to our wood and steel combination. You also have nearly unlimited options for the interior of your garage. Standard sidewall framing means that full sheets of drywall go up without any need to cut and modify. Pretty much any interior building material meant for traditional construction fits in our kits. That goes for standard windows and doors as well.

Start Your Engines

Miracle Truss® garage building kits are easy to assemble yourself. The prefabricated components make for completion times that are up to 5x faster than traditional construction. But just because they go up fast doesn’t mean you’re skimping on quality or durability. Miracle Truss buildings are made of steel for strength, and wood for flexibility. They even come with a 50-year frame warranty.

Your customized garage starts with a request for free building information. You might have it built faster than Jay can get from his Hollywood mansion to those aircraft hangars out in Burbank. We’re not kidding. Have you ever been in LA traffic?

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