It seems like there should be a law of physics that governs this perplexing mystery: The amount of things you need to store is directly proportional to the amount of space you don’t have. There may be scientists feverishly working away on this at their blackboards, but all they’ll come up with is an equation.

What you need is a solution. It’s why the more practical among us have already come up with what’s going to work for you right now. Metal and steel storage building kits from Miracle Truss® are the answer. Best yet, you don’t need an advanced degree to put one up on your property. You might even be able to do it all yourself.

Space And Time

The beauty of a metal and steel prefab storage kit is that they’re designed to be quickly assembled. In most cases it’ll take you longer to arrange for the concrete slab to be made ready than it will take to put up the storage building itself.

When you decide on the size you need, check with your local building code office to make sure what you plan to order meets their approval. Armed with this crucial information, you can reach out to request free information.

Not What You’re Thinking

Is your idea of a prefabricated metal and steel storage building along the lines of something more suited to an industrial park instead of what fits right in with the structures already on your property? It’s a common misconception.

In reality, Miracle Truss® metal and steel storage building kits are highly customizable – both in size and appearance.

  • Choose windows and doors that work for the space, and in most cases, decide where you want to put them due to our unique wood secondary framing.
  • Choose your exterior. Brick, vinyl or would sidewalls be a better exterior design?
  • Depending on the size of the storage building, you can even add overhangs that extend far enough to park under.
  • You might not see them from outside, but you can equip your metal and steel storage building with skylights.
  • Your interior choices include practically anything that works with traditional wood framed construction because the modular components mirror standard 2-foot on center wood studs – just horizontal vs. vertical.
  • Go all the way and add wainscoting, cupolas, or even a weather vane.

If you’re perfectly fine with the sleek look of standard steel siding, you still might be pleasantly surprised by one more option. Miracle Truss steel and metal building kits offer a pleasing array of colors for your roof, your siding, and even the trim.

More Than Versatility

It might be the unexpected design options that initially draw you to a metal and steel storage building kit. You’ll be even more impressed by what you’ll value for years to come.

  • Steel construction means there’s no exposed wood to rot in the ground or in high humidity.
  • But wood can be a good thing. Miracle Truss® uses steel for strength, and wood for flexibility.
  • Steel allows our trusses to stand up to heavy winds and high snow loads. Our flexible friend wood provides more finishing options and handles the impact of snow on the roof.
  • The overall composition means you have a building better suited for whatever Mother Nature comes up with to throw at it – yet you’ll spend less time and money on maintenance and upkeep.

As the popularity of these metal and steel storage building kits continues to grow, we’re starting to run into more people who tell us they wish they’d explored our options before going with something else. Miracle Truss® steel and metal storage kits are stronger, less expensive in the long run, and they can be extremely energy efficient. Visit our Gallery of Storage Building images for inspiration for your project!

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