The problem with man caves – wait…there’s not a problem at all with man caves! Let’s try again. The challenge with man caves is that sometimes there’s just no room at the inn. Every square foot of the house is spoken for. If you want a “designated space” for yourself, you’ve got to look for it elsewhere.

There are a few options close by the house. You could re-claim what you made for the kids – except that “man treehouse” just doesn’t sound as comfortable as “man cave.” There’s the garage. No, not really. The car doesn’t even get to hang out there anymore.

It’s time to claim a totally new space. A space where no man has gone before. Out of the way, Captain Kirk! It’s fire up the warp engine – or at least your DIY skills – and build yourself a separate building you can claim as your own.

And to quell any Klingon uprisings (aka grumbles from family members), you’ll refrain from calling it a “man cave.” It will be known instead as what it also could be used for. The workshop.

What You Want, Not What You Have To Settle For

A prefab garage kit bridges both of these destinations in your manly universe. It gives you ample space to create the workshop you’ve actually always wanted – and still carve out a space where you can set up a sports viewing command center that rivals anything to be found aboard even the latest version of the USS Enterprise.

Here’s why prefab garage kits like the ones we sell are a perfect solution for your man cave. Strike that. For your workshop.

Our buildings use a simple and strong clear-span web steel truss that bolts together in 4 easy pieces. It means you can be watching the next big game (or doing something workshop-ish) 5x faster than putting up a structure using conventional construction.

Their modular design makes our prefab garage kits easy to customize. You can put in a large rolling door to bring in vehicles or building material. In your man cave area, you can install any type of conventional window or door. And you’ll want a door right there giving you convenient access the outside grilling area, right?

The steel for strength/wood for flexibility innovative design may boldly go where few have dared to travel, but our kits won’t leave you stranded in a vacuum of interior design helplessness. They remain faithful to industry standards. Wall studs are 2’ in center. You’ll have no problem making a first class man cave by dry-walling your interior and adding all the necessary infrastructure.

The Best Of All Worlds

You can steer clear of any accusations of poor priorities by going all the way with this new structure. We can help you go up to 30’ in height, which means you can even make room for the big-boy toys that go hand in hand with man caves. Pull your boat or RV right in, and park them right next to the workshop area, which is right next to the man cave area.

You could easily run out of stuff to put in your workshop-slash-man-cave before you run out of space and ideas to put that space to work.

And you don’t need Lt. Uhura to put in a sub-space radio call to snag more information. Just fill out this form and we’ll get free building kit brochures right out to you.

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