Mention the Statue of Liberty and you think of the huge, majestic statue that graces the New York City. But did you know there actually smaller replicas of her all over the world? The most popular replica is in Paris, out in the middle of the Seine River. She’s only about 70 feet tall, and she was erected in 1889.

Mention America and you think of the country comprised of 50 states, of course. However, one of them—the state of Maryland—is actually known as “America in Miniature.” Or, as we like to say, it’s the “Mini-Me” of our country.

The Story Behind the Nickname

Maryland is called “America in Miniature” because this 10,460-square-mile state pretty much has a representation of everything you’ll find in all the rest of the states. It’s said that you’ll find every kind of natural feature in Maryland…except for a desert.

The state does an excellent job of reflecting the diversity that our country is known for. It is home to countless ethnic groups, and these people have produced many firsts:

  • The first railroad
  • The first umbrella factory
  • The first dental school
  • The first refrigerator
  • The first linotype machine (it was originally used to make these very old things called books)

One More Thing About Maryland

It’s the only place in the United States where court of appeal judges wear red robes, instead of black ones. It’s a throwback to the 18th Century, and you can learn more about it here.

We love this interesting fact about Maryland and their red robe-wearing judges because that color happens to be one of the most striking design options we offer for Miracle Truss® steel roofing, siding, and trim.

Miracle Truss® actually offers two different hues of red, and you can see both here. Either one would work well if you decided to put up a barn or other type of DIY agricultural building on your property. Why are barns red, anyway? It’s an interesting story, much like the one about why Maryland court of appeal judges wear red robes.

Just because we like red doesn’t mean we expect you to order your Miracle Truss® building in that color. It’s why we offer 17 colors to choose from. And you can also choose to use other sidewall coverings, such as vinyl or even brick.

That’s the beauty of Miracle Truss® DIY building kits. You can make them as stylish as you want. Request a free building quote from us, and find out just how flexible our buildings can be.

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