You’re probably already sold on the benefits of a pre-fabricated DIY metal building kit. Whether it’s for storage or even as a residence, these metal structures cost less but are far more durable than traditional construction. Plus, they can be put up faster – often by yourself or with just minimal help.

And while metal buildings are known for their resistance to the harsh habits of Mother Nature, you still will have to insulate your metal building if you plan to use it either as a residence or a business where people will be inside. Here are the most popular options.

Loose Fill

This insulation is made of loose fibers or pellets that are blown into the walls using specialized equipment. This option only makes sense if you plan to put up interior walls, which are needed to contain the insulation.

Many owners opt not to put up interior walls if the purpose of the metal building is for agriculture or storage. If you do want to use this type of insulation, a Miracle Truss® building works in your favor. Our edge-mounted purlins and grits are situated 24 inches on center, making standard interior building material such as drywall sheets easy to install without any retrofitting.

Batt and Blanket

This type of insulation often is the least expensive to purchase and install. It’s often made of processed fiberglass or rock wool, so you’ll want to take precautions handling it. Again, purlins and grits are optimally spaced for the use of this type of insulation, which comes in rolls that have a standard width of 24 inches.

Rigid Board Insulation

This insulating material can be cut to fit between grits and purlins. It’s very lightweight and easy to handle, so you can attach it to the underside of flat roofs and cathedral ceilings. The clear span truss design of our buildings offers amazing cathedral ceiling opportunities.

You don’t have to worry about low-hanging rafters, and the extra space allows for dramatic interiors for residences, as well as extra space for car lifts if you plan to use your Miracle Truss® building as a garage. We also offer steel mezzanine supports and second floor options if you want to extend the height of your building.

Spray Foam

It starts as liquid as it’s sprayed on the interior surface. Then it expands and transforms into a solid cellular material of air-filled cells that have highly efficient insulation properties. The top benefit to this type of insulation is that it’s best at creating a barrier between you and the outside temperatures. The downside is that you likely will need to hire a professional to install it.

Your choice of insulation will depend on the building’s use – especially if you aren’t planning to put up interior walls. Use this form to request free information about our buildings. We can also help you with advice on insulation that works best for your area and for the type of building you plan to put up.

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