People looking at the pros and cons of pre-fabricated metal buildings often start down the path because of affordability—but they end up realizing they’ll invest in a structure that’s inherently stronger and more maintenance-free than traditional construction.

This is thanks to—at least in the case of Miracle Truss®—both the infrastructure and the exterior materials used. The star of the show here is steel and metal, and that’s especially the case for the roof. Here’s why.

Best Supporting Actor

Any performance is only as good as the support given. In the case of Miracle Truss®, this comes in the form of our clear-span truss roof support. They’re sent to you in 4 easy bolt-together steel pieces that are pre-fitted at the factory. Once assembled, you tilt them up into the air and bolt them to concrete piers or your slab.

These trusses provide such strength that they come with a 50-year structural warranty. And they support your beautiful, maintenance-free metal roof.

Why Metal Roofs Rock

There are few disadvantages to metal roofs. It’s a common belief that metal roofs generally cost more than other roofing options. Not so. A metal roof is also about a quarter the weight of a tile roof, and only about half the weight of asphalt shingles.

Are you concerned that a metal roof might suffer the same fate as a car left out in a bad hail storm? Set that worry aside. The majority of metal roofing material used today comes with a guarantee against denting from hail. Metal roofing is also highly resistant against wind damage, as well as fire. Best of all, it’ll last up to 3 times the lifespan of a standard asphalt shingle roof.

Metal roofs reflect a much greater percentage of the sun’s rays. This makes a metal roof among the most energy efficient type of roof you can put on a building. Metal roofs on homes and cottages can see a savings of up to 30%. Miracle Truss® designs put wood studs every 2 feet, creating the standard 24-inch on center framing found in traditional construction. This allows you to completely insulate your roof—as well as all walls—with normal batt-style insulation. This makes your metal roof even more energy efficient.

The final advantage a metal roof offers is the option to go with a variety of colors. Asphalt doesn’t give you much of a selection—whereas Miracle Truss® gives you a wide range. There are the old standards of black, charcoal, and the obligatory red for barns. But, why not kick it up a notch and go with burgundy, copper penny, or regal blue? Altogether, you’ve got at least 17 color choices.

Fill out this request for free information if you’d like to know more about how our hybrid metal, steel, and wood designs beat tradition construction in both cost and structural strength. Tell us how you plan to use your metal structure and we’ll send you the most appropriate design choices we offer.

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