The American public is thirsty for craft brews made at microbreweries. It’s a $27.6 billion dollar business, and it just might be a perfect opportunity for someone who wants to start a small business on their property (read Part 1 of this series).

Steel and metal buildings work best for microbreweries because they can be built quickly and you can treat it as a DIY yourself project to save on construction costs. They’re also highly affordable and need much less upkeep than a traditional building.

How Big?

You’ll have to take a few things into consideration as you plan for your microbrewery’s metal and steel building. Will you only brew and store small amounts at a time at the facility? You may need less space than if you plan to stock on the premises. You’ll also need more space if you plan to have an office or a tasting room.

Building requirements vary, but a major provider of brewery equipment advises that you allow between 300 and 500 feet for a 3- or 5-barrel brewing system. You’ll need anywhere from 550 to 1,200 square feet just for the brewery equipment if you move up to a 10- to 15-barrel system.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t allow for additional needs like storage space and activities that you’ll have at the brewery. It’s why a clear-span pre engineered building makes sense. You’ll have plenty of room, as well as the ability to easily expand. And the height is important. You’ll need ceiling clearance of about 12 to 15 feet for your brewing vessels.

Water and Power

Making beer requires a lot of water, and you’ll also need more than a household electrical system to run the equipment. This is why selecting an existing building for your microbrewery might not be a wise choice. The retrofit for electrical service, water, draining and venting could cost you more than the purchase of a brand new metal and steel building.

You’re also going to need a floor that can stand up to some punishment. Putting up your metal and steel building on a concrete slab provides you with a floor you can seal and use just as it is.

Ready for Guests?

If your microbrewery features a tasting room, you need the ability to make interior upgrades. Our designs give you the ability to affordably finish the insides. Buildings feature edge mounted purlins and girts that are spaced a standard 24 inches on center. All traditional interior building material and elements fit beautifully, with no retrofitting of an interior stud-wall needed.

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