A certain Muppet frog once told us, “It’s not easy being green.” He was talking about the color, but he was also an amphibian. For us humans, being green means we’re aware of our impact on the environment. It’s why Miracle Truss® continues to support the Go Green Initiative.

This global organization helps teachers and volunteers create a campus-wide culture of conservation for our children. The Go Green Initiative has been doing this since 2002, and it’s completely funded by public support from individuals, as well as companies like us.

A Good Fit

Steel is one of the most recyclable substances on the planet. The American Iron and Steel Institute reports that nearly 70 million tons of domestic steel gets recycled and used again. Thanks to its ease of reuse, it’s estimated that almost 95% of automobiles are recycled, and so are up to 88% of appliances.

Miracle Truss® uses recycled steel in the manufacture of our buildings. We’re proud to be a part of the solution that the Go Green Initiative is teaching to the next generation.

The Go Green Initiative was started by a former Naval officer who was serving as the president of the PTA Council in Pleasanton, California. Jill Buck grew the movement to the point where today, the Go Green Initiative is implemented in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as Canada, Mexico, Asia, Europe, and Africa. An estimated 1.5 million students and teachers participate.

The organization’s website is a treasure trove of information about how to explain the need for conservation to young minds. The mission is simple and straightforward: To provide schools with the tools, training and ongoing support they need to create a “culture of conservation” and natural resource stewardship within their community.

It’s not easy capturing anybody’s attention these days, let alone a student. For this reason, the Go Green Initiative produces its educational material in a variety of formats, ranging from videos and podcasts, to graphic novels.

Miracle Truss® is proud to support the Go Green Initiative, along with other corporations ranging from Albertsons, the Clorox company, Intech Energy, Safeway, PG&E, Wells Fargo, and others. Head here to learn more about how you can help.

Are you interested in learning more about the steel components used in Miracle Truss® pre-fabricated DIY buildings? We recently added a tour of our factory to the Miracle Truss® website. You can also now download a PDF of our brochure that explains more about our product and process. Scroll down below the new pics of our factory and click on the link to download it.

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