Getting those quotes for an add-on to your home or office can cause some major sticker shock. It’s estimated that the United States will see construction costs increase up to 3% this year – after a 3% jump from last year (2017).

It’s not just the cost of building material that’s jacking up the price of add-on construction. Labor shortages are a big challenge and will continue to be a main reason for cost increases.

All About Oil

Building construction material doesn’t have to be made from crude oil – and most isn’t – to be impacted by the price. The cost per barrel of crude oil is a big driver of construction material pricing because of transportation costs.

Here’s what else you can expect to see in terms of construction material price increases:

  • Portland cement may increase as much as 4%
  • Ready-mix concrete may increase as much as 4%
  • Asphalt may increase as much as 3%
  • Lumber may increase as much as 4%
  • Gypsum products such as drywall may increase as much as 7%
  • Concrete blocks may increase as much as 2%

Meanwhile, it’s estimated that fabricated steel products may see little or no price increase at all. So, if price is what’s driving your decision – it’s never been a better time to look at a DIY prefabricated metal building as the way to create an add-on to your home or office.

Best of All Worlds

Metal and steel buildings offer benefits that construction with other materials can’t. You can actually save on insurance with metal buildings because of their resistance to fire. They’re also impervious to the pests and insects that can be a big problem with traditional lumber-based add-on construction.

Cost-saving really kicks into high gear when you look at the speed in which you can put up a Miracle Truss® prefabricated building. The trusses are pre-fitted at the factory, so DIY assembly on your property can be done quickly – making construction time a fraction of the time compared to traditional construction methods.

Your add-on can be made to look like it’s part of your existing structure, thanks to the ability to use sidewall materials like brick or vinyl, and roofing materials like composite shingle and tile. It’s because we create edge mounting that’s an industry standard of 24 inches on center, so if it works in traditional construction, it’s pretty much going to work on your Miracle Truss® building, too.

Use this link to download a brochure to learn more about Miracle Truss® buildings.

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