Whether you use your existing garage, or you put up a new one with one of our Miracle Truss® DIY garage buildings, you’ll gain the storage space you need and want by adding storage cabinets. All your “stuff” has to be found. Organize it and give it a home by adding garage storage cabinets.

Before you get too involved in style, give some thought to function. What you plan to store in your garage cabinets will dictate the material they’re made of.

Plastic Resin

This is the most common and inexpensive material. If you’re pinching pennies, this is the way to go. Plastic resin storage cabinets are highly durable. They won’t rust and most are resistant to stain. They used to be as plain and utilitarian as they were inexpensive, but more manufacturers have jumped on board and now offer alternatives.

Plastic resin garage storage cabinets give you the option to create a system of rolling cabinets. They’re also configurable to be freestanding, or to be hung on slat wall systems. One of the biggest drawbacks to plastic resin garage storage cabinets is that they’re not rated for heavy objects. You’ll be using these for light duty storage, only.


Slightly more expensive, wood garage storage cabinets still offer a cost-effective way to organize and store your belongings. Solid wood will carry the highest price, but you can also find them made out of plywood, particle board, and MDF.

Unlike plastic resin, they can be finished with stain or paint, or even laminated with a washable surface such as Formica. Check with the manufacturer for exact specifications. Most wood garage storage cabinets labeled as “heavy duty” are capable of supporting 250 to 300 pounds


You’ve seen them at the mechanic shop and as backdrops on the set of your favorite DIY shows. Metal cabinets are strong, beautiful, and expensive. The prices escalate for stamped designs and powder coatings.

There’s a return on investment besides the looks. Metal garage storage cabinets can handle loads of up to 1,000 pounds.

No matter what material you choose, they’ll fit like a glove in any of our Miracle Truss® buildings. The wood inner ribbing in our designs create standard 24-inch on center framework. Whether they attach directly or clamp onto frames, your storage cabinets are ready to hang—without any retrofitting to the walls.

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