All those cable TV programs make it look like a piece of cake. Want to blow out your kitchen and make it all sleek? Basically, if you’re doing more than replacing the kitchen sink, it’s in your best interests to check with local building authorities first. What you’re doing could be considered as a structural change. You’ve got to have a building permit.

You’ll have a contractor to worry about this unless you go the DIY route. But since most of our Miracle Truss® designs are made to be put up yourself and delivered to your property in kit form, you’ve got to keep the permitting process front of mind.

Safer, Better

Building permits are far from being a necessary evil. They were not invented to part you with more money or give you a headache. Building permits exist mainly for your safety. They ensure that the structure you plan to renovate or build complies with the safety codes applicable for your area. Many of those safety codes are universal across the country, but others are specific to where you live because they deal with geography-based situations.

It’s possible that you might not need a building permit if you’re just putting up a backyard garden shed. On the other hand, your homeowners association (HOA) might require that you clear the installation with them. We can’t help you with your HOA’s requirements, but part of our process is to ensure that the plans which come with your Miracle Truss prefabricated building are engineering stamped to comply with the codes specific to your area. It’s why we ask where you will put up the building and what you will use it for in exchange for free information.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, and that means pushing you for just a bit of information. This allows us to ensure that we’re giving you accurate information about the engineering standards applicable to your area. Our information will make it much easier for you when you walk into your local building department to pull a permit.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that you’ll still have to work with local professionals to assist you with electrical or plumbing for your building. These permits and drawings are going to be separate from what we provide, and nearly all areas of the country require certified licensed professionals to work on your plumbing and electrical.

It Starts with the Building

Get in touch with your local building department if you’re thinking of working with Miracle Truss® to put up a DIY metal and steel structure. Find out what they require to issue the proper permits for electrical or plumbing you plan to add. We’ll take care of making sure you have the correct building engineering stamps for your specific area. Check out our current building specials!

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