You’ve got the land, and you’ve got a plan. You’re ready to put up a steel building. You’ve done the initial research and you like what you’ve discovered. Your new structure can be a DIY metal building kit. It’s a cost-effective approach that provides a nearly maintenance-free building.

Proceed…but proceed cautiously. There might be a few things you haven’t taken into consideration.

Will It Work for You?

You’ve got a pretty good idea about how you’ll use your new steel building—and you probably want to get started with putting it up as soon as it can be delivered. There’s plenty of advance planning that has to take place, first.

Your biggest area of planning should be about the true cost. That goes much deeper than the initial cost of the building itself. One of the biggest extra costs can be the concrete slab. In the case of a Miracle Truss® building, you don’t absolutely need one, but most people choose to go this route. This is especially the case if you plan to finish the interior.

Speaking of interiors, you’ll want to give sufficient thought to the cost of the material for your inner walls and fixtures, as well as insulation. Are you planning to add special doors so you can get oversize things in and out? Take your motorhome, for example. A standard garage door might give you a maximum height of about 8 feet. That won’t be tall enough.

Another overlooked area of expenses has nothing to do the physical building—but neglecting this can stop put it up. You could have taxes involved with the purchase, as well as possible increased taxes afterwards because of improvements to your property. And, don’t forget the possibility of building permit fees.

The Cheapest May Not Be the Best

Who wants to spend money if they don’t have to? Holding out for the lowest initial price works for some things, but there are times when you don’t want to sacrifice quality—and purchasing a steel building is one of these times.

It’s likely you’re shopping for a steel building kit based on the square footage you’ve decided you want. You’re going to get a wide range of pricing. Think twice about going with smallest price tag. To get there, the manufacturer (or even building broker) may have found it necessary to cut some corners when it comes to quality.

You want durable and reliable construction, along with a reputation for value. In the case of Miracle Truss®, you’ll get the perfect combination of affordability and quality. Clear span truss design gives you extra room inside, and all buildings come with a 50-year structural warranty—which pretty much speaks for itself when it comes to the level of quality and dependability you’re getting for the money.  Plus there is wood in the walls for flexibility and future options!

Request a free quote from us. You won’t get just a price. You’ll get the benefit we bring from working with thousands of previous customers. We don’t just sell the building. We offer support from the start of planning to the point where you’ll say, “It’s finished!”

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