We’re all guilty of it. The garage is such a convenient place to put things while we figure out where we really want them to go. Unfortunately, it’s usually where these things end up staying. For some of us, the garage becomes a giant storage space for all kinds of things that really don’t belong together.

The first victim tends to be our vehicles, which are evicted from the space that was built for them. That’s tragic enough. But there are some things we store in our garages that pose a danger – especially if the garage is attached to your home.


There’s a good chance that your lawnmower lives in the garage. It’s a reasonable place if you’ve got the space. Keeping your lawn equipment out of the elements helps to preserve them and keeps them running better. And, if you happen to live in areas that experience winter snow, you probably move the portable propane grill inside the garage for the season. Again, it’s a logical storage space.

What’s not such a great idea is keeping the fuel for your lawn equipment and grill in the garage. These are highly flammable substances that pose big safety risks – even when stored appropriately. If you absolutely have to store fuel in your garage, be sure to use only approved and dedicated leak-proof containers.

Is your water heater out in the garage? This is a source of heat and ignition, so put as much space between fuel and your water heater as possible. Keep these fuel containers away from curious kids and pets, too.

The better alternative for lawn equipment, grills, and any other gas- or propane-powered equipment is storage in an isolated and dedicated space, like a metal storage shed.

Home Improvement Materials

Lumber for interior projects doesn’t fare well outside. Do you have it hanging out in the garage? It’s the logical storage place until you’re ready to use it. Not all building material likes to sit quietly and wait to be used, though.

Paint and other home improvement chemicals can be flammable and dangerous to be stored in your garage. Even if they’re not flammable, you may experience problems if your garage is not climate controlled. Latex paint, for example, freezes at the same temperature as water.

The better alternative for material such as this is again, an isolated and dedicated space. Our designs allow you to finish the inside, and you can use standard bale insulation to help with climate control.

Be sure to check back for Part 2 in our series on Garage Storage Safety!

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