We love our garages because they’re always there to lend a helping hand with temporary storage – although usually that means our vehicles get evicted. Garage storage is great for a short-term fix, but it’s a better place for our cars.

Your garage is also not a safe place to store many of the things that unintentionally go from a short-term to a long-term or even permanent stay. Continued from Part 1, here are more things that you should not store in your garage.


The extra bedroom has been converted into a man cave or even a hobby room. Did you relocate the mattress and wooden frame to the garage? Not such a good idea.

While many of us have the space to park furniture in the garage – rather than our vehicles – it will spell the end of usefulness for those items. Your garage undergoes wild swings in heat and humidity unless it’s climate controlled. Wood warps from the humidity. Material becomes a home for mold and mildew – not to mention a place for rodents to nest. If you have no alternative, disassemble the furniture and protect it with a thick covering. Find a clean, dry spot in the garage where you can store it elevated.

The same goes for clothing. Some of us opt to store off-season garments out in the garage. The fibers of these garments will absorb vehicle fumes that are difficult to remove.

Storing furniture in your garage is not a good idea if you plan to use it again. The better alternative is storage in an isolated and dedicated space, like a metal storage shed.

Freezers, Refrigerators and Food

Is one ever enough? Many people enjoy the luxury of an additional refrigerator, or even a large freezer. These are great for taking advantage of the cost savings when you purchase food in bulk. Many homes are designed so the attached garage has an entry to the house, and it’s usually near the kitchen. All the more reason to stash that extra refrigerator or freezer out there in the garage.

While the proximity may be convenient, it’s a terrible idea if your garage isn’t climate controlled. The extreme hot and cold temperatures of an uninsulated garage can cause refrigerators and freezers to malfunction as they struggle to compensate.

Upgrading Your Garage

The safety hazards you’ve just read about are mostly a concern because it’s not a good idea to mix these items with the standard uses of a garage. It was meant for your vehicles. It is possible, though to get everything to live in harmony.

Maybe it’s time to look at a larger garage, where you can plan for dedicated storage. Miracle Truss® has a large range of pre-fabricated building kits that can give you the space and work in the safety considerations you need to use it for storage. Use this form to request free information, and be sure to tell us what – besides your vehicles – you’d like to store.

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