Deciding to go with a metal building kit starts a process of making many choices. First, it’s the building itself, and then it’s on to decisions ranging from how you’ll finish the insides to whether you’ll need electricity.

The irony is that do it yourself buildings are a perfect solution for anyone in a rural area. You’ve got the space—but you’re also probably painfully aware of the cost to bring electricity to new structures. If that’s been a barrier, it’s time to meet some people who have come up with DIY electric solutions that work great with DIY buildings.

Power Grids and Solar

You’ve likely heard of Tesla’s Powerwall, which is the perfect way to power a building off the grid. It’s an amazing device, completely self-powered, with the ability to power an average home for up to 7 days. Unfortunately, prices tip the scales at over $6,000—making the Tesla Powerwall a rather expensive off-the-grid option for the average DIY’r.

Not to worry. A growing number of DIY enthusiasts have taken up the call to find ways to create a more affordable alternative. They’re sharing the DIY spirit of creating things yourself online.

  • Jehu Garcia has a YouTube channel where he shows off his idea for a DIY powerwall. Garcia believes the project could be made for about $300. While Garcia has over 100,000 followers, most of his YouTube posts are about the theory of making a DIY version, rather than actually putting one together. Nevertheless, he gives you the necessary background information you’ll need if you want to pursue your own DIY project.
  • Down under, there’s Peter Matthews, who manages an online forum called DIY Powerwalls. You’ll want to check out his YouTube video featuring his own DIY Tesla alternative, which he made from used laptop batteries.
  • If you’re looking for specific instructions on how to start, you’ll want to visit Daniel Römer’s YouTube channel. He’s actually created a battery system capable of storing more than 100 kilowatt-hours. It’s not the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen, but it’s much less costly than other options!
  • Even the Brits are getting into the DIY spirit. Check out this YouTube video which shows how you can harvest old laptop batteries to make your own DIY powerwall.
  • While most of the DIY sources online are on YouTube, you can find a growing number of Facebook sites dedicated to the idea. One of the most popular is called DIY Powerwalls. The group is open to anyone who’s interested in sharing and learning about making your own powerwall. It’s growing fast, with over 11,000 members.

Let us know if you’re interested in options like off-the-grid power when you contact us for more information about Miracle Truss® designs. We’ll share what we know when we send you free building information.

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