You’re in good company if you’re yearning to open up a restaurant. Annual sales for the industry is set top $800 billion this year, and there are more than a million restaurant locations in the United States alone.

Why is restaurant ownership so popular? Everybody eats, of course, but eating at a restaurant accounts for almost half of the money the average family spends on food. What diners are telling survey-takers is they’d rather spend money on a memorable experience in a restaurant than buy food at a grocery store. It’s about atmosphere and ambiance – something you can achieve with the unique design features of a metal building.

Keeping the Right Focus

The profit margin on restaurant food tends to be between 3% to 5%, which means that you’ll want to invest your business budget wisely. Pre-engineered steel and metal buildings can be more affordable than traditional construction, and they can also take much less time to build. One of the reasons why a growing number of restaurant-owners have chosen a Miracle Truss® building design is that we deliver them to you as kits that you can approach from a DIY perspective.

Our designs also feature 24-inch on center edge mounted purlins and girts. It means you can keep your focus on creating an amazing interior without a lavish budget. You’ll be able to use standard interior building material found in traditional construction. There’s no need to retrofit any interior stud walls.

It also means you can stay focused on the specific building regulations that are in place for your area and the restaurant industry in general. Statistics show that the restaurant industry sees $172 million in property losses annually because of fires. Business insurance rates are already high, but you may discover there’s a significant reduction in your coverage costs by going with a steel building. It’s 100% fireproof.

All About Design

Open and airy are hallmark elements of successful restaurant design. The Miracle Truss® clear span truss system allows you to create beautiful open spaces that are free of load-bearing walls and support columns. There’s no need to design around these obstacles, so you end up with the freedom you’ll want to create seating arrangements that enhance your restaurant’s atmosphere.

Restaurants have to look good from the outside, too. Some of our clients choose to go just with the truss and superstructure portions of our buildings, allowing them to create exterior elevations made of just about any type of building material from brick to vinyl. The same is true for roofing material.

These options give you the freedom to focus on what diners say is the real reason they choose a restaurant. The food, of course, and well as the atmosphere created by the design. Request a free quote for your future restaurant.

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