The last straw is something different for just about everybody. Maybe it was the pile of lumber that fell over and made the nice dent in the car door. Or perhaps your spouse decided the boxes of Christmas decorations got to live in the space that had otherwise been reserved for your band saw.

No matter what the reason, the solution is always welcome when it’s in the form of a steel building kit. Everybody agrees: it’s perfect for anybody with a DIY sensibility. You get to put it together, so you can use it to put things together! Here are some things to keep in mind now that so you’ll have the space to do a workshop right.


Some people will take this to the extent of using software to map it out precisely, and that’s not a bad idea—but even a hand-drawn diagram with measured dimensions will do. There are logical arrangements for basic workshop tools, and you’ll find ample suggestions online.

Take it a step further and imagine yourself actually working on a project with your tools in this new workshop. Will you have enough room to maneuver around them? Can you feed a full sheet through your table saw without bumping into your planer?

This is often what ends up giving a new workshop owner grief. They’ve spent plenty of time arranging things in a static layout, but they don’t give enough thought to the movement of people and material. Another option is to keep your major equipment on wheels, so it can be moved when necessary.


Long-time workshop owners will tell you that the most productive setups put your most commonly used groups of tools within arm’s reach. Obviously, that will require storage space. The good news is that your new workshop should give that to you.

The better news is that you can have all the convenient space you need when you use your walls for tool storage space. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have all the turning tools for your lathe right there next to the machine instead of stored in a chest all the way on the other side of the workshop.

You’ll appreciate how the Miracle Truss® design helps with this process.  Our steel truss spacing, and edge-mounted wood secondary wall members offer the ability to finish off the inside of your new workshop without having to retro-fit any interior stud walls. Sure, you probably have the equipment to do that—but you won’t have to. Up goes the drywall, and then you can devote the time saved to deciding where all your wall-mounted tool cabinets belong. They hang beautifully on the 24-inch on-center studs.

Need further workshop inspiration? Take a look at our gallery. Then use this form to get a free Miracle Truss® building quote.

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