Older homes or houses that are situated in rural areas don’t always come with a garage. Or, more thought was given to the house than to the garage – and it’s just not big enough. The easiest way to remedy the situation is to put up a metal garage kit. They cost less compared to traditional construction, and you can do it yourself.

Don’t let the term “prefabricated” fool you. At Miracle Truss®, all it means is that the major components were made and pre-fitted our factory so that when the components are delivered to your property they can be quickly and easily assembled. We offer so many exterior options there’s no way you’ll finish the project and think you ended up with a “cookie-cutter” type of deal.

Bring on the Space!

It’s easy to run out of space in a home, but not always so easy to add more. That’s where the convenience of a prefabricated garage kit comes in handy. They offer space but are less expensive than a garage built using traditional construction.

And while you pay less for a prefab steel and metal garage kit, you end up with a better value. The garage you’ll put up was engineered specifically for your geographical area. In fact, before it even arrives, you’ll be taking the engineer-stamped plans to your local building inspector for approval.

Steel is a strong material – so strong that we offer a 50-year structural warranty on all of our buildings. Plus, both the structure and exterior – if you choose our metal – is practically maintenance-free. The prefabricated steel columns bolt directly to concrete, so welding is not something you’ll have to worry about. There are no wood posts that could rot, and the engineered design means everything will be perfectly plumb. Yet, even though steel is strong and resists what Mother Nature can throw at it, steel is eco-friendly. It’s one of the most recycled materials available.

Bigger is Better

Because of the cost savings, you can afford to go bigger. Or, you can decide to spend more on upgrades like larger garage doors and windows, or even insulation and skylights. You may also discover that your new steel and metal garage saves you in other ways. It’s possible that you’ll have lower insurance costs because of the non-combustible properties of steel and metal.

So, think again if you’re under the impression that a big, roomy garage is a luxury you can’t afford – or that it has to be an ugly metallic box because it’s prefabricated. Check out our growing gallery of metal and steel garages and shops that customers have put on their properties. Then check out our current building specials.

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