Prefabricated buildings don’t have to be big metal boxes with flat roofs. The benefits of working with prefabricated building elements can actually give you a wide number of choices, and it can greatly improve the quality of the finished product.

Prefabricated is often thought of as the low-end result of mass production, when in reality, the elements are more precise and robust than traditional building materials and elements. Here’s why a prefabricated building should be at the top of your list.

Kinder to the Environment

If you’ve ever been on-site for the construction of a building – even a simple structure like a garage or workshop – you know how much waste is involved. A pre-engineered and prefabricated building rewards you with practically zero waste.

Everything is pre-fitted at the factory, which also means that the building will be more accurately constructed. Green construction and the technology that makes it happen benefits the environment, and it reduces production costs.

More Flexibility than You Imagine

The idea of prefabrication might make you think that you’ll be limited in terms of design. While that might be true for some manufacturers, our buildings feature clear-span trusses. These prefabricated elements arrive on your property ready to bolt together in four pieces to create cathedral-height ceilings that have no rafters. You get more interior space, as well as the ability to customize the building design.

Prefabrication helps with flexibility and customization in other ways, too. Our kit designs feature edge mounted purlins and girts that can create standard 24-inch on center interior framing. You can finish the interior with standard building material, but you won’t need an interior stud-wall.

Consistent Quality

Prefabrication occurs in a controlled manufacturing environment. A building with on-site traditional construction will probably be made by a group of independent contractors who each might have their own ideas about quality. Your prefabricated building is created in our factory. We control the quality. Everything is engineered and built to comply with your specific building codes.

We’ve come a long way since the “you can only have it one way” approach to prefabrication by Henry Ford. Today, because of technology, you can have it your way – even when it comes to a metal and steel DIY building kit. The process starts by filling out this form and telling us where you are and what you plan to use the building for. We’ll provide you with free information on all of your options.

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