We’re seeing a growing number of electric cars on the roads. There’s a high likelihood that your next lawnmower will be electric, too. Electric or battery-powered devices are taking the world by storm, and the ATV market is entering that storm, too.

They might look a bit strange to you at first. Electric motors are significantly less complicated than their traditional internal combustion engine cousins. Beyond that, there’s really not much of a difference at all. Here’s what you need to know.

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Many ATV owners say they’re impressed with the electric versions. The big seller is the lower amount of time spent maintaining electric ATVs, as well as the major reduction in the cost of gas and oil. The only people who don’t seem to appreciate these ATVs are those who are highly aggressive riders. Some say that the battery drains too quickly for their liking.

Many electric ATV manufacturers have listened to the complaint and offer vehicles with specific drive modes that can control speed and save battery power.


Whether it’s gas-powered or electric, these all-terrain vehicles are quadricycles that are designed to get you over rough environments. Here’s what to look for when deciding which one to buy:

Tires: Many ATVs are designed entirely around the type of riding you plan to do. The tires will be important. The best choice for muddy environments is to go with angled tread tires. Paddle or scoop tread tires are a better choice for sand beaches and deserts.

Rear Suspension: You’ll usually find you have a choice of two types of suspension systems. Single shock systems are often found in youth and lower-costing ATVs. Wing-Arm style suspension which is a form of independent rear suspension, is found on high-performance ATVs.

Brakes: Previously, most ATVs featured drum brakes. Today’s electric versions have disc brakes. These are superior because of better performance and high resistance to wear and tear.

Whether you stick with the traditional gas-powered version or decide to go with a new electric ATV, you’ve got to protect your investment. Many ATV owners find that their traditional garage just isn’t big enough to store their “adult toys.” The best option – especially for landowners – is to upgrade and put up a DIY engineered building that can act as a place to keep these vehicles both safe and sound. Check out our customer gallery of Miracle Truss® designs.

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