Up or down. Those are usually the two places guys look when they start to give some thought about the location of their man cave. Up in the attic. Down in the basement. Wait—there’s just not enough room in the attic! And the basement? Really?

There’s another place to look. Step to the window. Look outside. How big is your property? The perfect location for your man cave could be out there—not in your house. And if you’re thinking of bank-busting budgets to pull this off, read on.


Most guys never consider a completely detached building because they think the cost will be prohibitive. Don’t be so quick to jump to that conclusion—at least until after you’ve looked at the pricing of a Miracle Truss® building.

Our metal buildings can cost far less to buy and put up than a traditional wooden structure. The savings doesn’t stop there. Unlike traditional construction, there are virtually no maintenance and repair costs. Affordability doesn’t mean ugly, either. You’ll have an amazing array of design options.

Go Extra-Large!

There are so many things that absolutely have to go into a properly equipped man cave that to do it “right”, you probably should just take over the entire house. We know that’s not going to happen, so the best alternative is to put up a building that’s sized appropriately. And because Miracle Truss® buildings are more affordable than traditional construction, you can super-size your man cave. With our steel and wood combination and DIY design you can go ahead and plan for the theater-style seating and the big retractable screen. There’s going to be room for a pool table and a whole row of arcade machines. Old-fashioned popcorn maker you snagged? Plenty of room for that, too.

One of the Miracle Truss® advantages is the way we go about designing our buildings. We value space as much as you do, so it’s a priority. Our buildings feature clear span trusses. This design does away with flat ceilings and low-hanging rafters. It creates far more usable interior space—and you’ll want that for the big retractable screen. Nobody’s judging. Go ahead and put up a basketball hoop. You’ll have the room.

What’s Your Perfect Space?

When it comes to a man cave, most guys dream big and then have to figure out ways to trim and squeeze. Throw that narrow thinking out the window. The footprint of your man cave doesn’t have to fit in your basement or attic. With a Miracle Truss® DIY kit, all you have to worry about is whether it fits on your property.

We can help you get started, and all it takes is the information we ask you to provide here.

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