Dogs don’t mind a trip to the country – but have you ever noticed that most boarding kennels are at the edge of town? The need for space makes this necessary. In many cases, the property on which a dog kennel sits is the most expensive component of the business.

A love of dogs is the top prerequisite for starting a business like this. The rest is a matter of logistics and wise choices. Here’s what to keep in mind.

Got Competition?

You probably won’t be the first dog kennel in your area, so it’s important to be aware of those already up and doing business. There’s an even more important group to study, though, and that’s the group of people who will be your potential customers.

Don’t skip the time to get a thorough understanding of who’s nearby to take advantage of your services. One of the most powerful – and free – tools to help you with this is provided by the U.S. Census. You pay for it with your taxes, so be sure to take advantage of it. The Census Business Builder will provide you with population data for your area, as well as how much they spend on your type of business.

What to Charge?

Many people who are starting out with a small business struggle with trying to figure out how much to charge for their services. Matching the fees of the most popular dog kennel in your area isn’t necessarily the best idea. After all, part of their ability to charge those fees is based on their popularity. It might be necessary to charge less in order to get your first customers to try you out.

Another approach is to offer what startups call the “MVP” version of your services. It stands for “minimum viable product,” and it’s where you would offer limited pet boarding services. This allows you to start the business without investing in the full infrastructure you would need to offer everything you plan.

Build as You Grow

Man’s best friend may always be a dog, but a small business owner catering to dogs should look to DIY metal buildings as a best friend to getting started. One of the top reasons why small businesses invest in pre-fabricated metal buildings is that they are less expensive to put up than traditional construction, and they are extremely easy to expand as business grows.

Our designs are meant to offer flexibility and growth potential. Use this form to request free information. Be sure to include the information about your location and that you plan to use the building as a dog kennel. We’ll send you information that specific to your area.

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