Modular homes seldom build up our sense of individuality. You can have one any way you like it, as long as it’s one of the standard designs made by the manufacturer.

There is an alternative. Metal building house kits are becoming more popular in many areas because of the ability to customize them without incurring the cost of a building architect. They’re durable and cost effective. A custom designed steel home can be a smart investment because it’s an affordable one.

Your Future Affordable Residence

Many people picture a trailer home when they think about something made using pre-engineered or pre-manufactured elements. Steel construction does use these elements, but they come together in a very different way.

Your steel building can be completely customized and designed according to your personal preferences. Even with traditional wood construction, that’s not always possible. That’s especially true if you’re buying into a housing development, where the design decisions are made by an architect. The most you can hope for is some input in trim and color.

Steel housing packages put you in control of things like dimensions, placement, and even the features you would like in each room. The best part is that these durable and cost-effective alternatives to traditional construction can be designed to look just like that traditional construction. There’s really no reason for people to know it’s made of metal and steel.

Prefab Means Anything But Ugly

One of the biggest and most attractive advantages to Miracle Truss® designs is that our clear-span trusses create gorgeous open spaces. You’re never stuck with that “living in a box” feeling—especially because you’re almost always in complete control of the layout of the rooms.

Benefits go way beyond customizability. Due to the steel and wood construction with the Miracle Truss® design, you get the best of both worlds – steel for strength and wood for flexibility and finishing.

These homes are so well engineered for durability that they come with warrantees for up to 50 years. The other benefit of steel and metal construction is that you may actually see a lower insurance cost due to the metal frame work vs. traditional wood.

Another reason why people appreciate steel and metal construction for homes is that the end-walls are easy to expand in the future. Buy what you can afford now, but rest assured that you can increase the size of the footprint of your home later.

Take a look at our residential design gallery. See what people are creating for themselves—either as their primary residence or as an affordable vacation home.

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