Go easy on the garage. Chances are, it wasn’t built with all your “big-boy toys” in mind. As a matter of fact, it also wasn’t built with much more in mind than the place where you’d park the cars. We, of course, want our garages to do much more.

The trouble usually begins when we start stacking the overflow storage boxes out in the garage. We tell ourselves that we’ll line everything up nicely along one wall, and it’ll hardly take up any room. Alas, it never stops there. No matter how hard we try to make room for everything that’s not a vehicle, we ultimately end up kicking out the cars for what wasn’t supposed to be in the garage at all. Maybe it’s time to consider an actual extra storage structure instead of approaching your garage with a jigsaw puzzle mentality.

Think Outside the Box

If you’ve got the room on your property, a metal building kit is an excellent and cost-effective way to create the storage space you need for everything that’s not a car.

One of the best things about approaching storage this way is that you don’t have to think in terms of a conventional garage. There’s no need to go with an obligatory overhead door—especially if you plan to store your boat or other recreational vehicles in it

Miracle Truss® designs help you escape the boxed-in garage thinking. You’re not stuck with just the square footage on the floor of your building. Our designs have wall heights of up to 30 feet (or more!), giving you plenty of vertical space, and even enough room to install a loft or even a second floor.

Truss Us On This One

And, you won’t have to watch your head. Our designs feature clear-span trusses that reward you with additional vertical space.

These trusses are manufactured and pre-fitted at the factory. Then they’re shipped to you in 4 bolt-together pieces—along with the rest of your building material. Once you built the 4 pieces together, the entire assembly is easily tipped into the air and ready to bolt to the top of concrete piers or your concrete slab foundation.

Storage buildings for everything that doesn’t belong in your garage gives you the opportunity to think about interior finishing upgrades. Our horizontal edge-mounted wood studs create standard 24-inch on center interior framing that make it easy to completely finish the inside without any retrofitting.

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