Expanding buildings made with traditional construction methods can be costly. It’s one of the reasons why many customers are drawn to our Miracle Truss® designs. The pre-fabricated designs allow for easy future expansions, but without forcing you to be stuck with the usual boring modular designs.

When you start to work with us, we’ll ask you if there’s a possibility that you’ll expand what you’re ordering—but even if you tell us no, you’ll still be able to do that in most cases at a later date.

The End

Nearly all of our designs give you the option to make future expansions by adding bays at the ends of your building. Often, customers realize that they don’t yet need to expand outward because there’s still existing room to expand upward.

Our clear span trusses remove the problem of flat ceilings and low-hanging rafters. Wall heights can be 30 feet or more. It provides more exterior space, such as second story lofts. Those same trusses can be used as expanders that can also extend the width of your building.

It’s All About Those Trusses

You’ve seen the design of our special trusses before. They’re designed and built just like bridge and crane trusses. These designs take advantage of both the strength of dimensions as well as the steel manufacture.

We insist on using closer truss spacing, as well as closer secondary members (purlins and girts). It is about making a stronger, safer building, but it also gives you the ability to finish off the inside with anything you might have considered using in a traditional construction build-out. Wall members are edge mounted every 24 inches on center. It’s important to know that not all competing prefabricated building kits meet this requirement. It could cause you problems in the future when it comes to finishing off your interior, or if you decide on a building expansion.

We understand you can’t predict the future. What you build today may not be what you’ll need a few years from now. All the more reason to make a decision with possible future expansion in mind. You can build it yourself today, and expand it yourself when the time comes.

What can you do with an expandable Miracle Truss® building? Check out our galleries. We’re constantly adding new images sent to us by customers.

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