It’s time to re-think our concept of what we have to settle for when we decide we’re going to build a cabin in the woods. “Rustic” can be a pure design option today – not an approach to building because of your remote location.

According to the House Beautiful website, “rustic” describes everything from farmhouse decor to a Tuscan-style estate. But it’s actually many different design styles that accentuate the use of natural materials. The problem with associating any type of design with a remote location is that you’ve got to get all that stuff to your building site. That’s where we can help.

Delivered to You

An isolated building site location is often a logistical problem for a cabin or vacation house. Traditional construction means material has to arrive from an army of different sources. And while you might score a deal on the building material itself, you might not see any savings at all after you add the cost of transportation and delivery.

Logistics aren’t something you have to worry much about when you decide to build a cabin or vacation home with a Miracle Truss® design. Our DIY cabin kits can provide you with everything you need.

Remember playing with an Erector Set as a kid? Everything you needed to build was provided. That’s the approach we take with our DIY metal and steel building kits – and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a cabin or any of our other designs.

By the way, the Erector Set from your childhood has undergone a technology-based transformation. You could say it’s no longer all that “rustic.” We’ve taken the same approach.

Rooms with Room!

The clear-span truss designs rewards your cabin or vacation home with soaring cathedral ceilings that allow for dramatic spaces and plenty of light. Why find the perfect spot for your getaway and then not be able to look outside?

The modular design features edge-mounted purlins and girts that create 24-inch on center interior framing. You’re ready to use any standard building material. Install your favorite doors, and windows. Insulate your cabin and run electrical just as you would with any standard wood frame home construction.


A growing number of property owners are discovering the cost-effectiveness of Miracle Truss® DIY cabin kits. They are less expensive to put up – especially in remote areas – they’re also more practical in the long run because you will drastically reduce the cost of maintenance and exterior repair.

Learn more about what others have to say about the DIY approach to building with Miracle Truss®. Go with the rustic look – because you want it, not because it’s all you can afford!

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