Hello All!

Let me introduce ‘us’… we are Marshall Wendler and (I am) Kelly Beasley. If you are looking for answers about your RV storage (and other RV) needs, we can help. Enter Camp Addict. It is the place go when you have questions about certain RVing products you use such as portable generators or camping chairs.

How is this relevant to you? Well, we do a lot of RVing. We actually live the lifestyle. Each of us are full-time RVers with 9 years between us living the full-time life. We both boondock exclusively.

We’ve come to know a few things about RVing and camping.

We know that it’s difficult for you to find good, CORRECT information about the products you buy (That’s where we come in). We know you probably dropped a large chunk of change on your RV. We know you would like to protect your RV from the elements.

I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to find out what you need to know about the stuff you use while RVing.

When I hit the road back in May of 2015, I was all alone. In January of 2016, I met Marshall. Marshall had ALL of the answers I needed about my RV. It was incredible! He knew how to fix anything that went wrong in my RV (or update whatever I needed).

I knew how fortunate I was to have a friend who could fix what I needed.

After a while, I started feeling guilty. I, as a solo female with zero mechanical ability, had this fantastic resource. His name was Marshall. I thought it would be amazing if other people could benefit from him as well. So did he. This is how Camp Addict was born.

We created a website that had all the information and answers in one spot. All of the answers you could possibly be looking for are in the categories that we have tackled.

Our reputation is our biggest asset. Therefore, our biggest concern and job is to give our readers the answers they need, from figuring out if you should get an RV cover or get a building for it, to what you should use to clean and wax the thing, and much more.

It does us no good to try to pull one over on anyone. We would lose our credibility. We wouldn’t want that, and you don’t want that.

Why are we here? Because we know that you need a place to store and to protect your RV. We understand. If you spent a lot of money on your RV, you definitely want to protect it. We are here to let you discover what you want to know and need to know about caring for your RV.

So we will drop in here and write about topics that are relevant to you and what you need. We hope to help you with your decision as to whether you need a building or not, how useful one will be for your needs, and so much more.

Stay tuned!

Kelly Beasley
Camp Addict Co-Founder

Author Bio: Kelly Beasley is co-founder of CampAddict.com and loves sharing her enthusiasm for the RVing lifestyle. As a full-time RVer since May 2015, Kelly’s playful writing style helps make learning about the sometimes dull subject of RV products a bit more interesting.

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