One of the fields on our online form to request more information about Miracle Truss® buildings asks you to tell us what you plan to use the building for. We’re not overly nosey. It’s just that knowing the building’s purpose also helps us recommend an optimal design for you.

It also helps us understand how our customers use our DIY building kits. Often, they fall into categories you might expect, such as garages and shops, agricultural buildings, and even vacation cabins. Sometimes, though, we hear about uses that are even new to us.

Truly Flexible

Our building designs appeal to a wide range of customers because of the extreme flexibility they offer. Our roof pitches can span anywhere from 1:12 to 18:12. That’s a clear span, too. The modular nature of the trusses mean that you can use half trusses to create generous overhang extensions that put even more protective square footage into your building’s footprint.

Wall heights range all the way up to 30 feet, and we can design a building package that gives you widths from 15 all the way up to 125 feet or more. These structures are built to last, too, with a 50-year frame warranty that’s got the reputation of being one of the best in the industry.

Any Kind of Opening

Edge mounted purlins and girts everywhere create the ability to have wood studs every 2 feet. This makes it possible to finish off the interior with off-the shelf building material and elements. You don’t have to conform to your building. It can be transformed into exactly what you need.

One of the features that draws some attention is that it’s no problem at all to incorporate side headers and transfer beams to create large sidewall openings. That means you can install large door openings like bi-folds, accordion, or even stack-style hangar doors.  Of course, it’s more economical often times to put them in the gable end, but there is at least an option fo everyone with this method.

That’s important because you might have some specific requirements. Windows and doors should go exactly where you need them to be, and that should extend to skylights and upper wall panel lights, too.

Because maybe you’ve got something in mind that shows you’re really thinking outside the box. After all, our buildings can be used for virtually any purpose. Even as your own backyard observatory. We think of buildings housing telescopes as needing a bubble or dome that opens to the sky. But, why not just install panels that slide open between the trusses?

If you’re an amateur astronomer with a telescope or two, you already know how convenient it would be if you could just set them up in a dedicated, protected space. A Miracle Truss® building is the perfect answer.

We can help you see stars. Let’s talk about how we can help you build an affordable backyard solar observatory.

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