Thinking of setting up a music room? Think outside the box. If you’ve got the space on your property, create the separate space for a music room with a DIY prefabricated metal and steel building.

The addition of a building can create value for your property. The benefit to you is that involving yourself with music is good for your brain. Here’s why.

Mental Exercise

It turns out that music reaches parts of our brains that other things can’t. Playing music is a strong mental stimulus that enhances things like memory and language. It can even help us with listening skills. Here’s what else it can do.


Playing music can strengthen your memory and enhance your reading skills. It’s because both of these must occur when you play music, and both access the same neural and cognitive areas of the brain.

Mental Efficiency

Multiple studies have reached the same conclusion. We humans aren’t capable of multitasking. We simply end up doing several things less efficiently. It has been discovered, though, that musicians have superior multi-sensory skills because music forces our brains to process many senses simultaneously. Other studies show that playing music can help stroke patients recover motor skills.

Better than an Energy Drink

Recent studies have found that short bursts of musical training are like a quick round of cardio at the gym. There’s an increase of blood flow to the left hemisphere of the brain. People report feeling refreshed and energized after playing music, and it definitely has less calories.

Natural Stress Reducer

Do you have a favorite song that never fails to lift you out of a funk? A growing number of medical studies show that playing music can have an even more powerful impact on reducing anxiety. Playing music, used as therapy, is a popular way to lower levels of depression, as well.

Generally Good for Your Brain

Playing music can help to strengthen what is known as cognitive executive functions. These are brain-related tasks associated with processing and retaining information, controlling behavior, making decisions, and problem solving. Musical training has been shown to improve executive functioning in both adults and children.

Dedicate a Space

A music room in your home isn’t always a wise choice. A better option is to create a dedicated space. You won’t have to worry about bothering others, and you’ll have plenty of room for instruments. Let’s face it – the average house probably doesn’t have room for a grand piano.

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