It’s tempting to claim the garage and convert it into extra living space or even an additional bedroom. There are a couple of problems with the idea, though.

According to finance experts Kiplinger, about 85 percent of homebuyers say they are looking for a garage that offers storage space in their next purchase. As areas are developed and homeowners associations are formed, a growing number of homeowners are finding covenants, conditions, and restrictions that can determine whether you can even park your car in your own driveway or in front of the house.

Known as CC&Rs, these agreements can be even more restrictive than zoning laws. Some can even restrict what you can do in the garage, which means you might not even be able to use it as a workshop.

Bigger is Better

Many homeowners have decided it’s a better investment to not only keep the garage, but to improve it. As families mature, there tend to be more vehicles as teenagers reach driving age. Let’s face it, a two-car garage just doesn’t cut it anymore.

SUVs and pickups continue to be some of the most popular vehicles we buy and then want to park in our garages. These larger vehicles don’t leave much room for garage storage typical items like lawnmowers, gardening tools, or even a DIY workbench.

The logical approach is to add on to the garage. According to The Balance, a real-estate website, here’s what homeowners are looking for in an upgraded garage:

  • Additional storage areas that help with organization
  • Vertical storage accessible with things like wall hooks for bicycle storage
  • Enough space for workshop or hobby usage
  • Enough space for at least three cars
  • Painted and sealed floors for a cleaner look

Doing the Math

According to research done about three years ago, the average vehicle is parked 95 percent of the time. It makes sense to protect the investment you’ve made in their purchase. Securing them inside a garage is a good idea – even if it’s not a high-end vehicle. According to Car and Driver, pickup trucks and SUVs are top targets for theft.

A growing number of property owners have discovered the perfect solution. They’re claiming the old attached garage area for interior living space, and then partnering with Miracle Truss® to put up a brand new metal and steel garage.

With modular and prefabricated elements, these garages can be assembled up to five times faster than conventional construction. Best yet, they’re affordable and come with a 50-year frame warranty. Fill out this form for a free quote.

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