Run these statistics through your mind the next time you’re sitting behind the wheel of your car at a traffic light. More than 80 percent of us say we love our vehicles, but just 15 percent of us say we take good care of them.

According to carwash and detailing company DetailXperts, we spend $38 billion annually getting our vehicles washed and detailed. That number will continue to grow as more places throughout the country restrict individual vehicle owners from doing it themselves because of environmental concerns. There’s never been a better time to get into the car detailing business.

How Big is the Opportunity?

The Great Recession changed the dynamics of vehicle ownership in America. We’re keeping them longer, and this is also because they’re built better. And because we’re keeping them longer, we’re paying more to maintain them.

The amount of people who opt to purchase a used vehicle rather than a new one continues to grow as well. Since 2014, used car dealerships have grown in number by 3.9 percent. It’s currently a $116 billion industry.

Who Owns and Operates Car Detailing Businesses?

According to automotive marketing and market research organization Autodub, most car detailing businesses are independently owned. This means you can start one and not have to worry about competing against the advertising budget of a franchise.

Autodub says that there currently are no large national companies attempting to monopolize this market segment. The only competition at this point are carwash operators that offer detailing, or other car detailing businesses.

Depending on your overhead, there can be a substantial profit margin built into this service. Autodub notes that a comprehensive vehicle cleaning and detailing price can range from $300 to $800. Even express-based “mini detail” packages can cost $35 to $40.

Where the Money Is

The fastest segments of this business are express detailing and environmentally sensitive approaches – often known as “the waterless process.” Your profit margin, however, depends on overhead. It used to be important to be located in high traffic areas, but today’s successful small business owner has leveled the location-based playing field by having a robust online presence. Vehicle owners appreciate being able to schedule this service so they can optimize their time.

One way you can minimize your overhead is to use a pre-fabricated DIY building kit for your car detailing business. Our Clear span truss design does away with flat ceilings and low hanging rafters. You’ll have plenty of overhead room to do detailing work indoors. You could even put in a loft for an office area, or for customers to wait while they watch the work being done. Our modular design means that we can create a space that’s tailored to what you need right now – but which can give you the option to expand later. All of our building designs feature edge-mounted purlins and girts. This makes it easy to finish off the interior with standard material available anywhere. Run your electrical, then install doors, windows, insulate and put up interior finished walls.

We can help you by suggesting optimal configurations for your new car detailing business. Use this form to provide us with the information we need to create a free quote and provide you with more information.

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