What’s that on the horizon?

It’s bright, sunny, and full of new life- and new opportunities!

Is it-?

I think it could be- !

Yes, I do believe we have an official “spring sighting”!

Even though the season doesn’t officially start until March 20, (Which coincidentally is also now recognized as the International Day of HAPPINESS), it already feels as though spring is barreling toward us (or maybe we’re barreling toward spring!). In the midst of the mad dash to change seasons, though, I always find myself needing to stop and take a look around. Sometimes I simply want to lift my head toward the sky and stay there for a moment, just enjoying the sun’s warmth and brightness.

What Does Spring Symbolize?

I often think that we all need that in life, but we get so busy that we forget to look up and be grateful, to be happy. Spring is, in my opinion, an excellent reminder of the balance we all need in our lives. On the one hand, it’s bright and warming without being too hot. But on the other hand, it still brings enough rain to help everything grow. Clearly, that is the same type of “atmosphere” that we both have and need in life. Of course, we are grateful when happy, sunny times come our way, but rainy and difficult times are the ones in which we truly grow.

Fall and spring are my two favorite seasons, but whichever one is occurring at the moment is the one I mostenjoy. (So right now, it’s spring! But as soon as fall hits, I’ll be raving about falling leaves and trying new squash recipes.)

Gratitude For the Present

I think this dichotomy can be beneficial. It isn’t a problem to reminisce, nor is it wrong to look forward to the future. But gratitude for the current season (whether in the year or in life) is always most serving. After all, it won’t last, just like the springs and autumns of the past couldn’t last. So, we can choose to be grateful for what we have while we have it, and we can store up good things for when life becomes a little too dry, like summer, or a little too frigid, like winter.

One of my favorite stories comes from ancient times. Harvests were plentiful, but a wise servant knew it wouldn’t last, so he told his master to store up some of the grain for later. Sure enough, famine struck, but the ancient nation was able to survive because it had saved up enough food. Oh, did I forget to mention? This man’s master was a king! The wise servant was placed second in command of the entire country, and he was even able to save his family who lived in a neighboring nation.

How Does This Apply To Us?

So, while it’s good to enjoy the bounties of the present, it’s also wise to stock up and be prepared for the future. That’s why with Team Miracle Innovations Inc., we are committed to helping you plan for a sustainable and sovereign future, with an option to save and store. Miracle buildings can be used to store whatever you need, whether it’s crops, equipment, or anything else you’re storing up for tough times. And our high quality helps you save in the future: no repairs necessary! Should anything go wrong, however, our frames have a lifetime warranty.

We’ll help you store essentials, save money, AND save stress! One of our favorite mottos is “K.I.S.S.”- “Keep It Simple and Stress-free”! We hope we can help you do just that. For more information, check out our website or contact us directly.

Remember, always be keeping an eye out for that spring sunshine. Even if it feels like a rainy day, a new season is just around the corner!

Are you prepared? Have a wonderful day!

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