We’re already used to it. We’ve been told since we were kids to respect our toys by storing them properly when we weren’t playing with them. Into the toybox they go.

Now, we’re adults. We’ve got grown-up toys like boats and recreational vehicles. The trouble is, we may not have a toybox big enough to store them properly. Self-storage owners are taking advantage of the growing preference for storing boats and RVs in their pre-engineered steel buildings.

Preferred Customers

The self-storage business can be lucrative. It turns out that there are some customers who are even better than others. Count recreational vehicle owners in that group. They’ve already spent a lot of money on their grown-up toys, and now they want secure and convenient spaces to store them when not in use.

Best of all, RV and boat owners usually rent these spaces from self-storage companies for a considerably longer period of time than those who rent smaller spaces.

Why this Type of Storage is on the Rise

The number of RV and boat owners in the US is exploding. Almost 90 million people go boating every year, and over 12 million of them own their own boat. The majority of these boats are anywhere from 36 feet to 45 feet in length. These owners ten to have incomes of $200,000 or more.

Meanwhile, nearly 10 million people in the US own recreational vehicles. These include travel trailers, motor homes, camper vans, and 5th-wheel campers. Today’s luxury recreational vehicles can cost over $1 million. But there are plenty of affordable RVs on the market, which is why younger people between the ages of 35 to 43 are driving this market. The average recreational vehicle is 8 feet wide and 10 feet tall. Some can be as much as 55 feet in length.

Notice that both boats and RVs share an interesting trait? Yes, they’re big! So, as more people get into these hobbies, the need for storage is exploding. This is fueled by the challenge that most neighborhood associations do not allow owners to park their boat or RV on the property for long periods of time. Owners are snatching up spaces in self-storage facilities as soon as they become available.

These reasons are why you might want to explore the opportunity presented by using Miracle Truss® buildings to open a self-storage business on your unused property. We have designs specifically for this purpose. Use this form to contact us for free information

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