The first part of this looked at the mostly unknown side of steel as a green building material gave us insight into how the industry has worked to make it the most recycled substance on the planet. That alone might be enough reason to select steel as the material of choice for your new pre-engineered building.

There are plenty of other reasons, too. This is why steel has become such a popular choice for modern construction—and it’s why steel takes center stage in our own building designs. Yes, it’s eco-friendly, but there are no sacrifices.

Top Two Benefits

  1. Steel often has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any other building material. What does that mean? Basically, it means that fewer resources and materials are needed to build a steel structure than it would take to build one made of traditional materials that could handle the same amount of load or stress. That’s important if you’re building in an area with punishing weather that creates strong winds or heavy snow loads.
  2. Steel doesn’t twist, warp, or burn. It’s also highly resistant to pests and moisture. Both can easily undermine the structural integrity of a building.

Built to Last, But Ready to Recycle

Miracle Truss® buildings are so well made that they come with a 50-year structural warranty. But when it’s time for the building to be replaced, you’ll put far less stress on resources. The reason that steel is the most recycled material in the world is that it retains all its properties without losing any of its quality.

Here’s some math to help understand the concept. When you recycle 1,200 pounds of steel, you save:

  • 3,000 pounds of iron ore
  • 1,600 pounds of coal
  • 250 pounds of limestone

Go Green

The recyclable nature of steel fits right in with one of the main things we support. We support the “GO GREEN” Initiative, and strive to make it a part of our own everyday operations.

The Go Green Initiative is a worldwide environmental education program. It was created to train teachers and volunteers in schools to conserve natural resources for future generations. The initiative also seeks to protect human health through environmental stewardship. Go Green provides free instruction for volunteers throughout the United States and other 73 countries. Participants learn to integrate environmental education into existing curriculum and quantify the environmental impact of conservation efforts.

The main component of our buildings is the most recycled material on the planet. We also proudly support a global initiative that helps people understand the importance of using green building materials. It’s a good fit all the way around for us, and we’re confident you’ll like the way our designs will fit your needs. Take a look at our building galleries to see how others have put Miracle Truss® steel building kits to work.

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