Believe what you like about climate change or global warming. We’ll steer clear of that argument. What no one can argue about, however, is the need to put a roof over your head that can stand up to the types of bad weather that’s typical for your area.

It’s hurricanes on the coasts. It can be the weight of snow on roofs in northern states. There are even earthquakes to worry about in California – and now Oklahoma. Pick a region of the United States. Mother Nature’s got something special about it that doesn’t bode well for buildings.

What Is It About Metal?

There’s been a lot of talk about whether you’re sacrificing safety if you decide to go the route of DIY construction with a metal building. There’s an easy answer to this.


Miracle Truss® buildings are designed to withstand whatever Mother Nature wants to throw at them. Part of the secret of their strength and durability is the web construction of our trusses. It’s a simple and strong clear span design that’s test assembled at the factory before being sent out to you. The trusses arrive in four easy-to-bolt-together pieces.

Then you’ll tip them so that the legs make contact and are bolted to the top of a concrete pier with holes that are pre-drilled in the column baseplate. If that wasn’t strong enough, you also have edge-mounted wood studs in the walls that secure to a pre-positioned steel clip. The crisscross design creates a familiar 24-inch on center stud pocket. Not only does that give you extra strength, but you also have the ability to finish off the inside of any Miracle Truss® building just as if it was traditional construction. Take your pick from standard doors and windows, and even normal batt-style insulation.

More About Metal

Here are a few more reassuring facts about why a metal and steel DIY building offers you such a high level of safety from severe weather.

Ductility. It’s a strange sounding word because it seems as if it would have little to do with wind. Nevertheless, ductility is the ability of a substance to bend without breaking. Steel has extremely high ductility. It can absorb more energy than any other type of building material. It’s your friend in the fight against bad weather.

Strength-to-weight ratio. It may seem counterintuitive, but compared to what it weighs, there’s no stronger construction material than steel. A structure with the same level of strength made of wood would weigh considerably more.

Not all DYI building kits are created equally. Make sure to do your research before you buy. Metal and steel construction offers protection against bad weather, but it’s still important to look at building design and company reputation. Fill out this form and we’ll free building kit brochures to help you make an informed decision.

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