Metal and steel prefabricated buildings are a cost-effective way to warehouse, but even with the extra space, it’s easy to run out of room. But how do you increase that floor space?

For many, the answer is to look up. The solution doesn’t have to be more warehouses – especially because that also increases your operational expenses. It’s time to think vertically.

Hidden Space

Vertical is the new direction in warehouse storage solutions. Consider how much additional room you would have if you could efficiently use more of your current warehouse footprint. It’s time to take a three-dimensional approach. And it’s worth your while. Leasing costs in urban areas continue to dramatically increase. Annual lease rates for warehouse space in the United States is up almost 7 percent year-over-year.

The average price in 2018 was $6.67 per square foot. Let’s say you need the storage space of a 5,000 square foot warehouse. That’s about the size of one of our current Miracle Truss® steel building kit special offers, by the way. You would pay about $33,350 yearly to rent that space.

Now, imagine that you could double or maybe even triple this storage area without expanding your footprint? That’s the benefit of investing in vertical storage solutions.

Not the Same as Stacking

Some companies already to take advantage of vertical space, but in an inefficient manner. Pallet stacking ultimately forces you to engage in repeated lifting, lowering, and restacking whenever you need to retrieve inventory to fill orders.

This approach can also be dangerous because it increases the usage of forklifts, and your workers are exposed to more muscle stress and strain.

Do You Have the Space?

Not all prefabricated steel and metal building designs are created equally. That vertical space you’ll need to increase storage capacity without expanding your footprint relies upon not having flat ceilings or low hanging rafters getting in your way.

Our clear span truss design offers this benefit. You get more vertical usable interior space. Our truss design is so rugged and dependable that it comes with an unprecedented 50-year structural warranty. Use them to create wall heights that can surpass 30 feet.

Because our buildings are prefabricated, we can work with you to put side headers and transfer beams where you need them to create large sidewall openings. They can accommodate large door openings, including stack-style hangar doors. Plus, our designs can incorporate steel Mezzanine supports and second floor options.

Learn more about how we can help you build to take advantage of the benefits of vertical storage.

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