You’ve driven by them in industrial areas. It’s hard to miss a metal building. They tend to look alike. For those reasons, it’s difficult to imagine that you likely driven by several metal buildings recently, and didn’t even know it.

Metal building exteriors don’t have to look like a “typical metal building.” Many property owners choose to go that route because it’s the most cost-effective approach – plus, it’s the easiest way to maintain the building. However, a metal building does not have to look that way.

Totally Traditional

Many people wouldn’t consider a metal building for their home because they just don’t like that “typical” industrial appearance. It’s still the case, even though corrugated metal roofs and modern exterior designs utilizing metal are now more commonly seen in residential neighborhoods.

Today’s options for metal and steel buildings make it possible to create the traditional looks most of us associate with residential homes. Manufacturers now have a wide selection of roofs that mimic tile or shingles, so your metal roof can have a traditional look but last twice as long and be far more energy efficient.

The Miracle Truss® structural design allows for roofs that meet and exceed heavy snow or high wind loads. It makes our residential building packages ideal for coastal areas. We also work with you to provide only what you need to build a residential dwelling. That means we offer truss-only packages which allow you to finish your metal and steel home with a traditional shingle roof if you want. Tile, composite shingles, and most other roofing materials work well with our edge-mounted wood roof purlins, which are set at 24 inches on center.

Outside the Box

You certainly see more of a building’s exterior walls than the roof, which is why many property owners who are looking at alternatives to traditional construction for a residence tend to pay significant attention to what they can use for building facades.

Most are surprised to discover that there’s really not much of a limitation. Metal building manufacturers have upped their game and now offer facades that replicate brick or natural stone. There’s even metal siding that resembles natural wood – but which will last up to three times longer without warps, fades or termite problems.

Again – because of our 24-inch on center design even on Miracle Truss® sidewalls, you have the optimal structure in place to switch to traditional exterior façade materials. Steel for Strength, Wood for flexibility. All material designed for use in standard residential construction will work with your Miracle Truss® steel and metal home, with no need for redesign or retrofitting. Many property owners who choose a steel and metal residential design from Miracle Truss® choose to build some of their exterior walls with brick or stone. The result? Hardly anyone can guess the structure’s made of steel inside! Check out our customer-contributed gallery here.

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