Some call it decompressing. Others call it chilling. Whatever you choose to call the act of getting away from it all, the good news is that you’re actually contributing to your health!

Science has shown that getting outside is good for you – from a physical, emotional, and psychological standpoint. Here are some of the ways you can benefit.

Energy Boost

Research from the University of Rochester says that the majority of us – up to 90 percent – can experience increased energy just by participating in outside activities. That’s good news for those of us who might be leaning too heavily on coffee to give us a boost of energy. And when you consider that the average cost of a cup of coffee brewed by your favorite barista can set you back more than $3, it’s a way to save on money, too.

Generally Good for Your Health

Mental Floss, a website devoted to health and wellness, recently collected even more benefits of being outdoors. Some of these benefits might be obvious, such as getting your daily dose of Vitamin D from the sun. This helps you absorb calcium, which can reduce inflammation and even help to prevent osteoporosis. Sunlight can also help fight Seasonal Affective Disorder, which medical science believes is caused by shorter days during the winter months.

Other benefits might surprise you. For example, Mental Floss explains there’s a growing amount of research showing that being outside is good for your vision. Elementary school students were studied and found that they were less likely to develop nearsightedness.

We’ve all heard the saying that “breathing country air” is good for us. Science theorizes this is because we’re inhaling what are known as phytoncides. These are airborne substances created by plants, which can help us fight off infections and diseases by increasing white blood cell levels.

The country air does smell better – at least most people think so – and there’s research showing that natural scents from flowers and plants is a free form of aromatherapy. This natural form of therapy activates areas of your brain that play a role in your emotions, according to WebMD. It helps your brain create beneficial mood-altering chemicals like serotonin, which enhances your mood.

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