Has your warehouse reached its limits? That’s a reason to celebrate because it means you’re doing the right thing in business. But, it’s also a reason to be concerned. The right thing to do is expand. For that you need more warehouse space. Can you do it on your existing property? More importantly, can you afford it?

It’s not the expensive proposition you think it is when you decide to go with a steel building. It’s also safer than you might think. Being able to meet the requirements of a building code (and in some cases, exceed it) you can help ensure the safety of everyone who will work there.

All Benefits, No Downsides

Severe weather can be devastating for poorly-constructed or ill-equipped buildings. Your new steel warehouse can withstand the harshest of conditions and protect everyone and everything that’s inside. Steel is low maintenance and doesn’t fall prey to insects or wood rot, so it’ll be around for decades of operation.

The amazing assortment of exterior design choices is worth noting in more detail. You will have a number of choices that include glass, wood, brick, and stone to give your warehouse the best possible look. Building with steel does not mean the building has to look like an ugly metal box. No matter how strict the building codes or local zoning restrictions, a steel building will easily accommodate such specifications.

The Whole Enchilada

The gain in popularity of pre-engineered metal building kits is due to the adaptability of steel designs for just about any use. Pre-fabricated steel building systems use a fully integrated set of mutually dependent components and assemblies that complete the steel structure. Included in all of these components are the manufacturing facility’s primary and secondary framing, a roof application, and any accessories.

In other words, we make sure you get everything you need to complete your warehouse building. The standard 24-inch on center design means you’re able to completely finish the interior using any kind of regular building material you like.

Finally, when using a steel building to expand your warehousing capacity, there is the benefit of the clear span frame. It does not need any interior columns or load-bearing walls to create an obstacle-free work area. You get the most out of your floor-space, as the clear span allows the freedom to reconfigure the floor plan to accommodate your changing needs.

When it’s time to add on, go the DIY route with metal buildings. It’s smart, fast, and inexpensive. Use this form to tell us what you’re planning to do. We’ll send you free information.

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