If you’re new to the idea of DIY building kits, you might think it’s all about low-quality, temporary, shed-like structures that look like cookie-cutter boxes. That would be a fair assumption – and some are. There are some steel building manufacturers that make stock sizes only and do not deviate from their process.

The truth is that our pre-fabricated buildings are almost infinitely customizable because they have been pre-engineered. Here are the top advantages.

Design By Use

Think again if you’re under the impression that you can’t do much with a DIY building – at least with a Miracle Truss® anyway. They’re strong and durable, often better rated for snow loads than traditional construction. But the strength and durability doesn’t hinder creativity.

  • If you’re putting it up as an auto repair shop, you can size the building to accommodate for the bay sizing so you can optimize every square foot as efficient workspace.
  • Are you looking to put up a warehouse? Miracle Truss® designs feature clear-span cathedral ceilings that offer more space for moving materials, and for storage. You can create widths of 15 fee to 125 feet or more, with wall heights of 30 feet or more.
  • Garages and workshops don’t have to be reconfigured to fit in Miracle Truss® DIY metal building kits. Tell us how many cars and other items—like ATVs, snowmobiles, or boats—you need to house safely, and we’ll help you find the right configuration for you.
  • Our steel clear span truss building designs even allow for unique home or cabin Edge-mounted wood studs on 24-inch centers make it easy to use any standard interior element from traditional construction. Those 4×8 drywall panels screw right into place. Standard doors and windows will slide in perfectly.

Stop dreaming about a cabin in the woods. There’ll be nothing “cabin-esque” about it, though. It’ll be low maintenance, strong, safe, and healthy. Isn’t that what you want for something that’ll likely be sitting unattended for periods of time. You’ll spend less money on repairs and upkeep. When you do the math, you’ll see it can dramatically lower the cost of ownership over the lifetime of your dwelling.

It’s possible to customize to your heart’s content—but one of the benefits of working with Miracle Truss® to build a residence is that the modular nature of our buildings works beautifully with contemporary designs. And, our designs also work great for tiny house concepts.

No matter what the building’s purpose will be, you’ll find that Miracle Truss® has the capability to help you customize it to the point where people may not even realize it’s a structure made mostly of steel. You’ll have the option to finish the outside with vinyl, brick, or a variety of other sidewall finishes. The same goes for the roof. Go with tile if you like. The trusses can be designed to bear the extra weight.

Our buildings are made to conform to you—not the other way around. Fill out this form and we’ll send you more information.

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