A metal garage kit is the most cost-effective way to create the space for your vehicles and other storage needs on your property. We’ll help you throughout the entire process, but because you’ll be able to use standard building material to finish the interior and exterior, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

One of these things is making sure you give thought to the need for insulated garage doors. Studies show that insulated garage doors can reduce energy loss from the building by up to 70%. During the winter, an insulated garage door can help keep your garage 10 to 20 degrees warmer than an unheated garage. That may still be colder than you’d need it to be, but it means you’ll cut down on the cost of heating.

Integral to Design

One of the benefits of Miracle Truss® pre-engineered buildings is that they offer you a wide variety of exterior design options, from color to architectural elements like ridge vents and weather vanes. Today’s garage doors will help you build on creating an overall aesthetic design that will complement the rest of your property.

Garage door designs no longer look all the same. You can get styles that look as if they’re made of wood (and some are), and many offer the option of larger window treatments. You no longer have to make do with a giant area that lets in no light unless you open up the garage door.

These new materials and designs are stronger and more secure. They also require far less maintenance than their older garage door cousins.

The Option to Insulate

Nearly all garage door manufacturers today offer you the option to add insulation when you make the purchase. There are few reasons why you should even think of it as option. It’s more of a necessity. Not for the sake of operation—but because of how it will help you control the interior temperature of your garage when it’s finished and operational.

We’re all familiar with how insulation helps maintain internal temperature while protecting from the outside temperature. The stat we led off with is a strong example. That large area of moveable wall can reduce your garage’s energy loss by up to 70%.

Insulated garage doors also tend to be more durable. The ability to add insulation means that they’ll be made of multiple layers—rather than a flimsy single layer of aluminum. This inner area is where you’ll find solid core insulation. It’s lightweight and super energy efficient, and it’s also less likely to dent than older single-layer aluminum garage doors.

Insulated doors also tend to be quieter. You might think of the obvious noise—when it’s opening and closing. Yes, insulated garage doors are built more solidly so they tend to make less noise then they’re in motion. Remember, too, that an insulated garage door when closed will act as a noise barrier that you didn’t have previously. You’ll notice it’s much quieter inside.

Most garage doors are manufactured to be used on residential buildings. They’ll work perfectly with your Miracle Truss® building, too. But, keep in mind that you can also use non-residential garage doors. Get in touch with us and let us know how you plan to use your garage. We can help you decide which door will work best.

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