The laws of economics apply to canines, too. If dog grooming salons weren’t a way to own a profitable business, we wouldn’t see them continue to pop up everywhere.

What many of us might not realize is that this business opportunity is bigger than we think. We sometimes forget about the impact of mobile dog grooming businesses – they’ve become even more popular now that technology and vehicle manufacturers have stepped up their respective games.

A True Opportunity

The American Pet Association says that the category of “other pet services” – which includes grooming – generated $5.41 billion last year. The entire industry generated over $60 billion.

A recent survey by this association shows that pet services are expected to grow at about 8% annually. We humans like our four-legged friends to look good!


The first step for most dog grooming business owners is to get the necessary skills. There is a wide variety of ways to approach this. Keep in mind, though, that professional courses tend to include about 300 hours of study.

Business Considerations

While mobile grooming is a popular and growing trend, it can require a significant investment. You’ll have to purchase a dedicated vehicle and then outfit it with the necessary equipment. And, since this is a mobile business, you’ll likely have to purchase specialized grooming equipment. There also may be additional insurance considerations above and beyond what’s involved with the business itself.

Many property owners that have the ability to run a business on that property elect to open a grooming business in a structure they put up. It gives them the opportunity to operate as a solo practitioner, or to even generate more revenue by inviting other groomers to rent space.

There are some specific equipment requirements for dog grooming. Salons are usually equipped with professional grooming tables, and areas where dogs are temporarily kept while waiting for grooming or for their owners to retrieve them.

Renovate or Start Fresh?

A growing number of new business owners getting into the dog grooming business hare looking at the benefits that come with putting up a pre-fabricated metal building. These DIY building kits offer a cost-effective way to create space for a business that has the ability to grow.

Dog groomers often partner with doggy daycare or boarding services. A Miracle Truss® building design offers a way to create the space you need now – or easily expand it later. Learn more about the Miracle Truss® advantage here.

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