What would you do with an extra building on your property? It’s not meant to be a trick question. Many people would use it to store the accumulation of “stuff” they have—which is great news for the vehicles that have been kicked out of the garage to make room for that “stuff.”

But, let’s say you’ve lucked out and have plenty of storage space already. Your vehicles are safely inside a garage that doesn’t double as a catch-all for things that won’t fit in the attic. Basically, storage just isn’t an issue for you. There are still plenty of reasons to look into a metal building kit from Miracle Truss®.

What’s Your Passion?

The beauty of a Miracle Truss® building is that you’re not just getting something that’s one step up from the aluminum shed you can buy at a big box home improvement store. These buildings are strong and durable enough to be used for housing. You wouldn’t expect it from that aluminum shed, but your Miracle Truss® building comes with a 50-year structural warranty. Yet, they’re simple enough that they can be put together as a DIY project.

So, if you had the ability to put a building on your property for a fraction of the fuss—and cost—of traditional construction, what would you use it for? Let’s say you’re relatively handy with the standard selection of power tools. Here’s what’s in store for you when you decide to put up a Miracle Truss® building.

Skip the Contractor

Simple tools and light duty equipment are all you need to put up your new building. You’ll be working with pre-fabricated steel columns that bolt directly to concrete. There’s no welding required. You’ll erect a clear span truss that creates unexpected interior space.

There are no low-hanging rafters or flat ceilings to get in the way. That means you can consider usable height as well as square footage.

Amazing Flexibility

There are, of course, standard designs for things like garages, cabins, and even airplane hangars—but Miracle Truss® buildings are for the most part a blank canvas. The design puts wood studs every 2 feet. This gives you the freedom to finish off the inside any way you’d like to. The design doesn’t stipulate where windows or doors should be—you do.

It means that you can make changes as you need to in the future. You’re not stuck with what you put up now. And that, add doors or windows, insulate with normal batt-style insulation, and even make changes to the building at a later date.

Tell us what you’re thinking of using a Miracle Truss® building for. We’ll send you free information, along with our suggestion on which of our designs will work best for what you’ve got in mind. Let your imagination run wild.

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