You share this space with your horses. Let’s face it: they probably are a bit less interested in what’s on the walls than you. No reason to skip on some extra attention to the tack room. Design it for yourself, and for optimal operational sense.

The previous article offered tips on design and organization. Before we move on, let’s talk about one more efficient way to visually organize in the tack room.

Hangers and Rods

Not everything about horses has to be expensive. Some of the best storage ideas come right out of your own closet. Bins to keep dust away, but hanging is the preferred way to store things like saddle pads.

The hardware for mounting a closet rod is very affordable. In fact, you may end up spending more on the hangers. In this case, you’ll want to purchase hangers with clips. They’re the ideal way to store English saddle pads. Western pads can be hung on frame style racks that extend outward much the same way that the human version does for slacks and ties.

Hanging saddle pads allows air to circulate and ensures that they’re completely dry. It also keeps them close at hand and visible.

Upgrade your Hardware

Sure, there’s some nostalgia in seeing a brindle rack made from a tuna fish can. But there are plenty of upgrade options that stop before they get ridiculously expensive, too. Often, it’s more a matter of how you hang the hardware than the hardware itself.

Mount your tack room brackets and hooks on vertical pieces of finished wood trim painted a contrasting color. It’ll make even ordinary bridal brackets look like you went upscale. And speaking of upscale, quality hardware is an investment that pays off in longevity. Buy it as you can afford it. And upgrade how you display it as you need to. It’s a cost-effective approach.

Walls and Floors

There’s no reason why a wall can’t offer both design and function. There are plenty of things to remember, so why not convert one of the walls in your tack room into a giant blackboard? Chalkboard paint is inexpensive and easy enough to do yourself. Or, opt for dry-erase paint and go for a reversed color scheme.

Most tack rooms feature the poured concrete floor they share with the rest of the barn. This is one of the best ways to secure your pre-fabricated trusses for Miracle Truss® agricultural building. Add one final upgrade in the tack room with a concrete stain. Feeling artistic? Try a painted rug or a stenciled wooden floor pattern. They clean up with a fast sweep, and they offer a warmer feel in the tack room.

The rest of the building is all about your horses, so claim this space for the humans. It doesn’t take a luxury budget, and it’ll help you to keep your tack room tidy. Use this form to request free building information about Miracle Truss® designs that are made for equestrian use.

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