There are plenty of benefits to pre-engineered building systems, and they have one thing in common: you’ll save money. Some of the benefits will save you over time, while others give you that cost savings right from the start.

If you don’t know much about these DIY building kits, it’s easy to think that they’re all alike – literally. Just a bunch of square or rectangular shells with flat roofs. In reality, the opposite is true. Metal building kits are highly customizable because they are pre-engineered. You don’t fit your need to the design. Pre-engineered building manufacturers like Miracle Truss® customize structures to fit your use. Here are the top three benefits to going with a Miracle Truss® building.

1. Cost Effectiveness

Pre-engineered buildings offer better price points because the materials were pre-chosen. Before the building elements arrive for assembly on your property, all materials have first been sent to manufacturer to guarantee fit and compatibility.

At Miracle Truss® for example, our steel trusses are each test assembled at the factory before we send them to you as four bolt-together pieces. come in 4 easy bolt-together pieces that are test assembled at the factory. Everything for our building has been pre-chosen and prepared for quick assembly. It means your construction time will be significantly less than a traditional building.

2. Durability and Strength

Pre-engineered DIY building kits can be less expensive than traditional constructed buildings, but it’s still an investment. You’ll want to see a return on that investment. For many, that ROI comes in the form of peace of mind. Steel frames offer unmatched strength and durability.

Miracle Truss® buildings feature unique steel trusses that have been engineered to withstand harsh weather. Our truss spacing and secondary members are closer than many competing manufacturers, which result in a higher degree of durability. It’s why our buildings come with a 50-year frame warranty.

Because building codes vary across the nation, we ask you where you’ll put up your structure when you request information from us. Knowing where you’ll place the building and your intended use allows us to ship it and the building plans to you with the appropriate specifications you’ll need when applying for permits.

3. A Single Source

Building a structure on your property using traditional construction methods can mean dealing with a variety of vendors who will be sending you material from many different locations. It can be a logistical nightmare – made even worse if you find it necessary to return material because it’s either not what you ordered or defective.

Dealing with a pre-engineered building manufacturer like Miracle Truss® sidesteps this potential headache. Our buildings arrive on your property after every piece of material necessary to assemble it has first made it through our stringent inspection process.

Everything you need is guaranteed to be there, and to go together with precision. Learn more about us.

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