What do you know about the state of Indiana? You might be aware that Michael Jackson and his brothers hail from the small town of Gary, Indiana. And you also might have heard that all letters addressed to Santa Claus at the north Pole are routed to Santa Claus, Indiana, where every single one of them receives a reply.

What we think you should know about Indiana is that it’s considered to be the covered bridge capital of the world. Historic Parke County has a record-holding 32 of these engineering marvels. Their amazing truss designs give them height and durability. You might say that if it weren’t for the truss designs, these covered bridges couldn’t exist. That’s pretty much the same story for the buildings we design at Miracle Truss®.

Trusses Explained for the Uninitiated

Whether it’s a beam in one of our buildings or supporting a covered bridge in Indiana, it’s got to carry a lot of weight. Instead of a single beam, both our buildings and these bridges use trusses. They’re triangle-shaped frames that help spread the compression and tension forces from the weight of the roof. It also makes the roof able to withstand stronger natural occurrences such as heavy snowfall or high winds.

Now you’ll understand why the bridges you cross have triangular components. And that’s the key to our building designs. Many steel buildings are square cubes with flat ceilings. A truss helps to get flat ceilings or low hanging rafters out of your way, and you have more usable interior space. The Indiana covered bridges use this design to create the high, open space inside the span as you cross them.

For our buildings, it means you have room for things like car lifts, or even space to create a second story loft. The trusses we use are very similar to bridge trusses, or even those giant crane booms you see on large construction sites.

The Benefit of Web Trusses for You

To be specific, they’re called web trusses. They’re designed to take advantage of the strength of dimensions and materials. Our truss design stands out because we space them closer together than other manufacturers. There’s an important reason for this, and the benefit all goes to you.

Closer truss spacing allows for closer secondary members (purlins and girts). We design ours so that there’s no reason to have to add more unnecessary framing in order to finish the inside. Wall members are edge mounted 24 inches on center. Standard building material such as full sheets of drywall attach without any further retrofitting.

This steel clear-span truss structural design is engineered and pre-fabricated, so it arrives on your property ready to be assembled. It’ll go up quickly, and then you can finish with traditional finishing materials.

You don’t have to believe in Santa Claus, but you can thank the state of Indiana for making sure that your child receives a reply if they send a letter to him this Christmas. Now that you’ve got a better understanding of the benefits of truss design, we hope you’ll also believe in the value of Miracle Truss® buildings. They’re designed to be strong and maintenance-free, and yet still cost significantly less than traditional construction.

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